• 5 career choices for MBA graduates in healthcare management

    • September 5, 2018
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    • Healthcare MBA programs MBA in Healthcare Management

    With the expansion of healthcare industry, the scope of a career in this field is also ripe with lucrative career choices. Whether you are a college-goer or a graduate and have an interest in healthcare management, please take the time to look at the types of job opportunities available after pursuing healthcare MBA programs. With over 26 thousand registered government hospitals in the country, one can only guess the requirement of healthcare professionals to run the facility. And adding to them is the proliferation of private hospitals across the country. As each hospital, wellness centers, nursing homes, and clinics want to offer the best of services to their customers, the need to hire skilled professionals becomes all the more prominent.

    MBA in Healthcare management is a specialized degree which opens doors to rewarding careers in four areas: providers of medical services, suppliers of equipment and pharmaceuticals, administration of healthcare facilities and insurance firms.

    Careers after pursuing MBA in Healthcare management are among the highest paid and most rewarding of professions.

    Hospital Administrator

    The most accepted and rewarding job after pursuing healthcare MBA programs is a hospital administrator. The professionals work in all types of medical facilities, including hospitals private or government, wellness centers, medical centers, research hospitals, nursing homes, physical rehabilitation centers and doctors’ offices. Administrators are also responsible for developing budgets, implementing new medical procedures, instituting new policies, hiring new doctors, nurses and other related staff.

    Pharmaceutical Project Manager

    With your healthcare management degree, you can work as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry. The responsibilities include analyzing investments, reviewing of market data and generating ideas to promote new drugs and devices and launching advertising campaigns and assembling teams to study the benefits and side effects of drug therapies, arranging for clinical trials etc. Most pharmaceutical firms hire talent having an MBA in Healthcare and strong IT skills.

    Hospital CEO

    Hospital CEO is the highest-ranking official in the hospital organization. They generally belong to medical background and almost always hold healthcare MBA programs. They are responsible for overseeing day to day operations serving as moral leaders who articulate hospital’s mission and vision. CEOs play a vital role in the development, evaluation and implementation of patient safety measures in an organization. In particular, CEOs are responsible for recruiting effective leaders for senior management positions within the hospital.

    Policy Analyst

    Policy analysts are highly educated professionals who usually work with government agencies, private enterprises and insurance firms to assess current policies targeted the delivery of healthcare and find ways to keep in pace with rapidly changing healthcare best practices and new technologies and treatments. They analyze and apply the latest research findings to implement solutions that resolve tough issues facing the medical industry. Their prime duty is to facilitate the development of a well-functioning healthcare system.

    Hospital CFO

    A CFO ensures that a hospital is run in the most cost efficient manner as possible. They frame important business strategies leading to financial improvement across the organization. Hospital CFO is assigned with the task of managing all financial risks for the company and handling of most of the planning of finances and keeping of records. They also create new policies that lead to financial improvement.

    An MBA in Healthcare Management degree is must to acquire the above mentioned key positions in Healthcare sector. One such kind of program is offered by Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management Institute. The program is launched in association with RUDN University, Moscow. The program offers an international degree at Indian cost.

    For more information on the program please contact us at +91 88003-65959 or email us at admissions@asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org.

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