• AIU approved MBA in healthcare is the demand of current time

    We humans are ever evolving creatures, our desire, aspiration and mindset change with time. One of the things which are uncontrollable is the changing nature of the job’s trend in the economy. We just need to analyze and sense the current demand of the economy and try to make our career in that field, to live a smooth and hassle-free life.

    So let us analyze the current trend of the economy. The first thing which is acceptable by all, that graduation is not sufficient to get a decent and high earning job any longer. There is a high demand of well learned and skillful employees from the business units and companies to hire. So the basic need to get a decent job is higher education and especially the professional programs like MBA.

    Now one thing is clear that MBA is a must for any student, next question is for which program one must look after. There are many MBA programs like International business, marketing, human resource and etc. Along with all these, currently there is one more program which is in high demand-MBA in Healthcare.

    • As per World Bank, United Nations, the healthcare will get a decent growth of 18-20 % in this coming decade (2019-2029).
    • Currently, Hospital and healthcare industries are receiving heavy budget allotment to get the desired structural change. Indian government is also not leaving any stone unturned to make India’s rank high in ease of doing business. In 2019 India got 77th rank compared to earlier years when rank hovered in three digits, which is drawing many big multinational companies to India.
    • All flagship programs like Aayushman bharat, Swacchh bharat program of Indian government have also created high possibility for new employees in the healthcare sectors.
    • The start-up and stand-up programs of government of India to cherish the entrepreneur culture and to pull women in the work field, has noticed a substantial increase in number of new companies in the healthcare industry.
    • There are many NGOs which work for the healthcare industries, and they recruits healthcare specialist as a managers by offering high salary and a good promotional aspect.

    So without any further delay, make this choice of MBA in healthcare for your career and move forward.
    Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is one of the premier colleges in northern India at the prime location of New Delhi, which has a proven track record of producing good management students. AIM has tied up with the most prestigious Russian university, RUDN University, Moscow for its MBA in the healthcare program.  In India, this program was started after receiving high demand from students and industrial units that there should be one college that must run this program in our country in collaboration with RUDN University, which is the best university in the healthcare field in the entire world.  So that it would be easier to hire the new students in the already mushrooming healthcare industry in India. Business units are in regular touch with us to place our current batch students in their companies, and while in 2nd-year students have already got decent Paid- summer internship from them. One feature which even makes this program the most desired is its AIU approval, as this approval makes this degree valid globally both Inside and outside India.

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