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    • September 7, 2018
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    • MBA in Healthcare Management

    As we have entered fourth industrial revolution, healthcare will possibly be one of the lead industrial area of this revolution and one of the major catalysts for change is going to be artificial intelligence (AI).

    AI will be a game changer in the manner in which healthcare services will be delivered in India. The private sector will going to be the key driving force behind adoption of AI in Indian healthcare sector.

    “With the development of more and more technology and artificial intelligence, healthcare can eventually be delivered at a lower cost because when efficiency is increased, diagnostics will be more focused,” Dr. Trehan said.

    The AI has the potential to optimize costs in healthcare segment and can also effectively manage operations, patient care and management information system in hospitals.

    The amalgamation of AI with healthcare will prove to bring fruitful results by improving accessibility and meeting the challenge of manpower shortage in the country.

    With the boom of new technologies in Healthcare sector, India’s healthcare sector will almost double to 74 lakh workforce by 2022 according to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

    “A.I. could play a big role in supporting prevention, diagnosis, treatment plans, medication management, precision medicine and drug creation,” said Bruce Liang, chief information officer of Singapore’s Ministry of Health, in a press statement.

    AI has tremendous prospects from redefining drug discoveries to help predict and prevent diseases using health record data; the AI will eventually have a transformative effect on doctors and patients and healthcare providers.

    Effective and technology driven uses of AI:

    • Mining of medical records
    • Designing of treatment plans
    • Assistance in repetitive jobs
    • Online consultations
    • Health assistance and medication management
    • Drug creation
    • Precision medicine

    “Workforce requirement for the healthcare sector is expected to grow from 35.9 lakh in 2013 to 74 lakh in 2022,” NSDC said in a statement. This will create a need for experienced managers, well qualified and trained individuals to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare processes in the country.

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