This article is based on the question and answer round of one career guidance workshop held in New Delhi, where many top delegates of multinational companies have addressed the group
I belong to a remote area of Assam state, Kokrajhar district. Here the living standard is low and one thing which had caught my attention even during my childhood days
Some background of my life When I was in the tenth standard, like any child, I too was naughty and sensitive by nature. I was not serious about my studies,
My past background I was graduated when recession was going on in India and the unemployment rate was very high. I didn’t get any placement through my college campus, although
Golden Guidance on Teacher day-
I was born and brought in rural parts of Mumbai. During my school days, I had three best friends, Rahul, Shyaam and Gita. Among them I am still in regular
With increase in level of education, awareness, and people’s standard of living, they start putting a substantial amount of their hard earned money to live a healthy life. And with
Artificial intelligence – the next big thing in healthcare
As we have entered fourth industrial revolution, healthcare will possibly be one of the lead industrial area of this revolution and one of the major catalysts for change is going
Healthcare, for sure, is going to require hundreds of thousands of young and talented individuals in the years to come.  Not only do we need proper healthcare facilities in terms
Top 5 skills that will help you land on a great career opportunity in healthcare management
Healthcare management is a budding field, especially when you consider the rapid adoption of technology by healthcare and related facilities in India and across the world.  The field is ripe
5 career choices for MBA graduates in healthcare management
With the expansion of healthcare industry, the scope of a career in this field is also ripe with lucrative career choices. Whether you are a college-goer or a graduate and