Prevention is always better than cure and recognizing the symptoms before occurrence of a serious problem is what prevention is all about. Obesity is a condition where the human body
Telemedicine is an innovative and the most imminent field in healthcare management in India. Telemedicine is the effective fusion of healthcare and Information and communication technology which is aimed at
Today, the concept of healthcare management has totally changed in context of global scenario. It has not remained limited to merely the medical staff, but has rather extended beyond the
It is interesting to know that if we talk about an international MBA the first perception is doing the programme from a reputed B-school in the US, UK, or other
Russia holds one of the finest education systems in the world. Be it the schools or colleges or universities, Russia is constantly upping its game in education. And that’s why
Healthcare professionals are essential in enacting and enforcing policies and keeping the healthcare system running professionally. Today, we need these professionals more than ever. It is really encouraging to see
Lifestyle diseases are usually linked with poor diet intake, physical inactivity, disturbed biological clock, smoking tobacco, and excessive alcohol use and drug abuse. Obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high
The Government of India has announced its plans to set-up 1.5 lakhs new wellness centers in the country. Plus, it also seeks to establish 24 new medical colleges and hospitals
The flagship National Health Protection Scheme, also being popularized as ‘ModiCare’, is intended to reach out to over 100 crore poor families in India, with each family likely to get
The new-age MBA Healthcare Management programme, jointly introduced by Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management and RUDN University, Russia, aims to develop excellent healthcare management professionals to effectively lead the global healthcare organizations