Healthcare Management Course in Delhi

Courses Details

First Semester

  • Basics Management
  • Introduction to Statistical Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Marketing
  • Introduction to Healthcare & Epidemiology
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and LEGA
  • Legal and Policy Aspects of Healthcare Industry/Production.
  • Medical Assistance Strategies.
  • Russian Language Course (Non-credit)

Second Semester

  • Health Economics
  • Personal Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • Health Research Methods (Scientific Seminar)
  • Health Operation Management
  • Healthcare Communication
  • Hospital Management
  • IT in Healthcare
  • Russian Language Course (Non-credit)
  • The Summer Internship Programme

Third Semester

  • Manager's Professional Skills
  • Russian Language Course (Non-credit)
  • Specialization Clusters (Any 2):
  • Cluster 1: Healthcare Analytics & Data Science
  • Cluster 2: Healthcare Finance
  • Cluster 3: Healthcare HPM
  • Cluster 4: Healthcare Marketing
  • Cluster 5: Component of Hospital Management
  • Cluster 6:New Technologies in Healthcare

Fourth Semester

  • Study (IVth Semester) at Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow
  • Research Project (Mandatory)
  • Simulation Training
  • On-the-job Healthcare Administration Training
  • Proficiency Course in Russian Language, History & Culture

Activity plan for semester IV

Research Project

The research project will aim to provide an in-depth understanding of diagnostic issues in healthcare administration. The topic of research project will be decided based on the interest of student and inputs from Russian Faculty Mentor/Subject Expert.

Proficiency Course in Russian Language, History and Culture: To enhance the acquaintance of students with Russian society and culture all the students will be intensively trained in Russian Language and its rich history and culture.
The program will help students in getting inducted rightfully in the Russian Society and culture and help them in looking for suitable internship and job opportunities as well in Russia.

Simulation Training

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, has state of the art simulation centre spread over vast area located in the Faculty of Medicine. The students of this course will be given hands-on training in use of simulation for training of the doctors and healthcare practitioners.

On-the-Job Healthcare Administration Training

All the students who enrol for this program will be intensively trained for the entire semester on functioning of various departments of a typical healthcare organization.

Department of Medicine, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, has its own extensive hospital with over 3000 beds and students from almost every corner of the world.