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    • April 12, 2018
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    Healthcare managers are professionals who usually work closely with medical staff as well as industry suppliers and other people or agencies involved in the delivery of healthcare. A healthcare manager is also known as healthcare administrator or healthcare executive. He is solely responsible for leading the operation of various types of medical facilities. He is responsible for planning, coordinating and directing health or medical related services. They may be employed by hospitals, wellness centres, nursing homes, health information technology companies, diagnostic centres, Pharmaceutical industry, clinics, insurance companies, rehabilitation centres and facilities, private practices, research centres and academic institutions and many other related healthcare settings.

    He is in fact the in charge of making all business decisions, leading strategic planning of the organization, improving the quality of care, efficient delivery of healthcare services, expansion of healthcare etc.

    Healthcare manager is the one who also works as a collaborator; he collaborates with medical staff leaders or other executives to coordinate ongoing and daily responsibilities. The primary responsibilities after attaining a position of Healthcare manager are to coordinate with different departments to determine budget issues, to order and receive medical supplies, to foster an environment that can provide quality healthcare at maximum profit, to evaluate the performance of each type of worker and to communicate on behalf of organization when media seeks information.
    Given the relatively wide scope of his role and responsibilities, healthcare manager should have strong communication skills, efficient technical and analytical skills. He must possess a positive attitude, business oriented mindset and a strong persona.

    The minimum job requirement for working as a healthcare manager is a management degree or healthcare degree in Healthcare management or a related field. In general a bachelor’s degree in healthcare with a major in health administration prepares you for holding different positions in related healthcare faculties but yes some major employers and reputed medical firms and hospitals, particularly in the fields of public health and administration, may prefer candidates with a master’s degree.

    As the need for qualified health care managers continues to grow, top business schools are offering programs in the healthcare field. The top business schools are offering healthcare degree programs like MBA in Healthcare Management, MBA in Hospital Management, MBA in Healthcare Administration, MBA in Hospital Administration, Masters in Hospital Management, Masters in Hospital Administration, MBA international Healthcare Management etc.

    Healthcare degree program generally covers hospital management, strategic planning, accounting and budgeting, human resources administration, law and ethics, and health information systems and other related subjects.

    Very recently Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management and RUDN University, Moscow have introduced an international MBA programme in Healthcare Management. The healthcare program will help students to master the new and emerging technologies like Healthcare Analytics, Data Science for Healthcare Professionals, Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The program has a unique feature, while it offers a golden opportunity for enrolled students to attend IV Semester at RUDN University.

    Students undergoing MBA in Healthcare Management will be provided with on-the-job training on the industry projects, and will also be assisted for paid internships during their Summer Internship program.

    For more information call our admission counselors at 8800365959 or email at admissions@asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org


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