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    • April 12, 2018
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    India’s lifestyle disease burden is rising with each passing day; Diabetes is one another lifestyle disease which has now become a pan-India phenomenon with both the rural and urban population fighting the menace alike. You will get upset after knowing that Diabetes is swiftly gaining the status of a potential epidemic in our country with more than 62 million diabetic individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. There are three types of diabetes Type 1 diabetes, where your body does not make insulin; Type 2 diabetes, where your body does not make or use insulin well; Gestational, some women get this kind of diabetes when they are pregnant. Healthcare professional is the most vital member in the team who can provide best management to diabetic patients to stay healthy. Healthcare professionals will help you learn more about the disease and more about living with diabetes.

    Isn’t interesting that Diabetes care and management is totally dependent on patient self-management techniques and empowerment; given that patients having diabetes must make frequent decisions everyday regarding what to eat and what not to eat, when to exercise, what kind of exercises, a walk, when to take medicines, when to do the blood sugar test, and determine their insulin dose and other related issues. Healthcare professionals play a vital role in empowering patients with the technical and general knowhow related to the disease, medications, doctor visits, other associated risks etc.

    They will help patients to overcome the trauma and live a normal life by introducing use of insulin pumps, and digital devices like sensors, glucometers, and wearables to help them monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. They provide assistance to patients to use multiple digital tools and applications on their mobile phones, tablets and other devices to enhance their knowledge and lessen risks associated with the disease.

    Healthcare professionals will help patients overcome the trauma related to the disease by simply preparing a diabetes plan that will work for them in accordance to their doctor’s advice. They will help patients learn about the disease and its further intricacies and will further assist them to know the ABCs of the disease and how to live with the same. They will provide them the routine care to help them stay fit and healthy.

    Healthcare professionals are even working on emotional aspect of the condition that has been neglected for a long time. They are helping the patients to cope with the daily challenges, face the fear of complications, and even if some patients have developed complications they will help them to overcome that fear, frustration and so on.
    Why take care of your Diabetes?

    Taking appropriate care of yourself when you are diagnosed with Diabetes is very important as you have to keep your blood sugar level normal to avoid health problems like:

    • Heart attack,
    • Eye problems that can further lead to trouble seeing or even loosing eyes sight,
    • Kidney related problems that can even cause failure of your kidneys,
    • Neuropathy issues, numbness, pain and tingling in your hands and feet,
    • Teeth and gum related issues,

    Actions you can take:

    You can seek help of healthcare professionals on what kind of diabetes you have and learn what to do to keep your sugar levels close to normal and how to be energetic and active to avoid any further complications.

    Patient safety and affordable healthcare have emerged as key concerns all over the world and more so among the developing nations. The lack of trained healthcare professionals is a major constraint on our ability to achieve healthcare delivery in a short period. Very recently, Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management, in association with RUDN University, Russia, has introduced an MBA program in Healthcare Management. The MBA programme will allow graduates to qualify for management and leadership positions in hospitals, healthcare agencies, insurance companies and government agencies.

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