• Why to go for an International MBA Degree?

    • March 5, 2018
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    It is interesting to know that if we talk about an international MBA the first perception is doing the programme from a reputed B-school in the US, UK, or other nations. Doing an international MBA also entails benefits like getting a chance to meet people from different nations, understanding diverse cultures, languages, international perspective to education, developing a mindset to work in global setting, learning new business practices, and expanding your professional network across the globe.

    So, have you ever noticed that almost all the reputed B-schools in India are more or less facilitating student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, international collaborations, study tours etc? This simply provides an opportunity to students like you to study in a more multi-cultural environment.

    Earning an international MBA degree is of course a shining feature on your CV. It will provide you an edge over other competitors at the work place and will help you to take over roles at senior management levels. If you are seeking an international MBA degree you must be very careful about choosing your B-school. However, you need a basic understanding of different aspects that could impact your international experience. You just need to jot down few important points and should start working on them, including academic environment of the host country, university affiliation, faculty, number of students, ranking, cultural style of education, life in that country, is that country safe for Indian students, number of Indian students already studying there, number of students from other nations, etc.

    If you wish to remain in the host country even after completion of your course, you should also do a bit more detailed research to get to know the work culture of that country and the kind of cultural adjustments you need to make while staying over there.

    There are many benefits of pursuing an international MBA: first, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from various industries, from across the world. It is the best opportunity to extend these partnerships beyond the classrooms. You will also get to attend lectures from the international faculty.

    The best thing about an international MBA is that you can expect your fellow classmates to be wiser and hence you will improve on general skills such as team work, cooperation and knowledge sharing. Learning in such an atmosphere will be really satisfying and full of fun at the same time.

    Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management  and RUDN University, Moscow have jointly introduced an  international MBA programme in Healthcare Management that prepares both graduates and those already working in the healthcare industry to hit the growth opportunities that modern healthcare system has to offer. The program will be delivered with a pedagogy that will integrate case study discussions, simulations, group activities and other interactive sessions offering a total global perspective to Indian education.

    Students will be given an opportunity to attend a fully-sponsored study program in 4th semester, including traveling and lodging, at RUDN University.

    For more information on the exclusive benefits of our international MBA program, call us at 8800365959 or e-mail us at admissions@asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org.

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