• Golden guidance which I got on Teachers Day

    I was born and brought in rural parts of Mumbai. During my school days, I had three best friends, Rahul, Shyaam and Gita. Among them I am still in regular contact with Gita, she was three years elder to me, so every year since my schooling days it became a habit of borrowing books and guidance from her, which was useful in fact. Recently I got one best advice from her regarding career growth, which I want to share with you all.

    She had a dream to become a doctor and to work for society, while I wanted to become an engineer. As we all know clearing a medical entrance exam is a hard nut to crack. She too didn’t get admission in any Medical College. Moving on she took admission into B.Sc. biology and after graduation, she was planning to go into some research work. But one day in one career guidance workshop she came to know that an MBA in healthcare management colleges in india could give a job in healthcare industry even a non-medical students and healthcare could also be an efficient career option. This news brought waves of joy to her, as a career in medical line was still possible to her and who can forget his/her first love. She was on cloud nine as something impossible was slowly becoming imminent.

    She took admission to one of the most prestigious B-school of northern India to pursue an MBA program. After completion of the program, she got placement in Fortis with an exciting salary package.

    Recently when I asked her for a treat, she said she was feeling low because of one mistake and she wanted me to make sure of it before taking admission in MBA in healthcare. She shared two problems of her MBA degree and guided me to pursue MBA in healthcare itself but get admission to only those colleges which are running AIU (Association of Indian Universities) approved MBA in healthcare.

    I asked her, what does AIU’s approval make a difference? She said getting an MBA degree without AIU approval, although gave her a decent job in healthcare industry due to high demand of healthcare personnel, but She is not eligible for any higher studies and even not eligible to sit for any Indian government job, which she had dreamt earlier to get a government job.

    I am lucky to get this guidance beforehand of taking admission to any random MBA colleges for healthcare. She guided me to take admission only in the Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, which is the only institute in entire India which is running AIU approved MBA in healthcare program in collaboration with RUDN University. She has even said to me that take admission quickly as the healthcare sector is booming now and there are a lot of vacancies coming in this domain.
    Lastly, I asked whether my Engineering degree will allow me to get a job in the healthcare industry. She said engineers excel in this field also. For an MBA in healthcare, just being a graduate is sufficed.

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