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  • 27 Dec
  • 2016

Why to choose an MBA in healthcare management?

Of course! We have been hearing a lot of buzz about MBA and its career opportunities. When we say ‘MBA’ we see ourselves entering into an unending debate of which discipline to specialize in MBA.

Marketing, HR, finance and banking, and IT have been the traditional choices which you are pretty much aware of. But, now with changing times, many new promising career options have come up for those seeking MBA as a career option.

Healthcare management degree is the most recent option for MBA aspirants. It is one of the most rewarding careers where you get a chance to make a difference to the lives of needy and sick. Healthcare industry is growing at a very fast pace in India and overseas.

The data published in Economic Times states that the healthcare industry will grow to become 280 billion dollar industry by 2020. And, as suggested by FICCI- KPMG report, there is a -dire-need’ of the right policymakers and infrastructure to help this industry grow successfully.

The hospitals come with a specialized team of medical doctors who are highly qualified and experienced to treat patients. But, for managing the commercial aspects of hospital, an MBA graduate is often preferred.

Earlier, for hospital management regular MBAs were hired but now with all the technological advancement happening and specific healthcare facilities coming up for each of the medical segments, MBA in healthcare management is highly preferred.

With so much happening in healthcare, an MBA in healthcare management as specialization is surely a lucrative career option. The pay packages offered by multi-speciality hospitals are lucrative and there is a lot of career stability in this field. Let us see in detail, why to choose an MBA in healthcare management.

  • Financial skills to bring good ROI

Healthcare management degree equips you with all necessary skills needed to manage a big healthcare set up. Using your knowledge, learning and skills you would be able to handle the medical establishment at its best with limited financial resources. And, MBA in healthcare management equips you with sound knowledge of all basic technicalities that are required to take the right decisions in favour of the business.

Any hospital would survive only if it is running in profit, and, you will be the face of the hospital to help it maximize its profits.

  • Contribute towards optimization of medical procedures

Though as managers you might not be treating patients, but you play a key role in streamlining the medical procedures. When you are equipped with proper knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the healthcare industry, you are able to transform your capabilities into better care of the needy and sick.

A regular MBA will equip you in handling the corporate functioning and operations which is way too different than hardcore technical healthcare industry. So, candidates with healthcare management degree are usually preferred in multi-speciality hospitals for their better credentials.


  • Job flexibility in the technology-driven healthcare industry

With the advent of medical technology and technologically sound doctors, the healthcare industry has taken on new wings to fly. The traditional role of managing the show has shrunk to create space for trained managers and administrators who are required to manage the highly technologically sound industry.

One of the key benefits of doing healthcare management degree is that you are specialized to handle a specific healthcare industry and yet have flexible career options. You have all the basic skills of accounting, human resource, marketing, finance which equips you to handle corporate operations and you have an extra edge to work with healthcare industry.

This makes you flexible to take up multiple roles which is much appreciated in this competitive world these days. You have good career options with insurance companies, hospitals, government agencies, etc.

  • Fat salary packages: Healthcare industry is booming these days and so are its career prospects. Going by the general norm, the postgraduates are offered a salary which is 25% more than that of graduates. Healthcare industry offers good pay packages to managers and hospital CEOs have a very high earning potential. The best part is that you are a part of a healthy environment that is highly sensitive to human needs as it deals with saving human lives.
  • Best people to work with: Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of the best of the surgeons and physicians? At hospitals, you are working with the best of the brains who are extremely hardworking and sensitive towards human care. You get to interact with the most sophisticated people of the society and get to be in their company and learn from them.

So, this is a great opportunity to pursue MBA in a highly specialized healthcare domain. You have tremendous career opportunities to explore in this field. There are immense opportunities waiting to be grabbed and plenty are being formed every day with new multi-speciality setups opening in some or the other part of the country. This is surely a great career option to opt for!

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) offers a 2-year full-time MBA program in Healthcare Management in collaboration with the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, also known as RUDN University. This program aims at developing students to take up key managerial positions in big multi-speciality hospitals, healthcare agencies, insurance companies, as well as government agencies.

For admission enquiries, please get in touch at Email: admissions@asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org  | Website: https://asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org. Toll Free: 1800113334 | Mobile: +91 88003 65959


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