• How cleverly I managed both the dreams of getting job in multinational companies and working for the healthcare industry.

    I belong to a remote area of Assam state, Kokrajhar district. Here the living standard is low and one thing which had caught my attention even during my childhood days was the pathetic health condition of the natives. I still remember if any government doctors got his posting here, he would feel bad for this remote posting and would work without any passion and enthusiasm. He never tried to improve the health condition of this district. Since those days, I had one plan in my mind to work for the upliftment of the health standard of this locality. So this was my dream to make a career in the healthcare industry and to work for the society of Kokrajhar district.

    On the other hand, my parents had expected some other dream for me. They wanted me to move out of this place to any developed cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and join any multinational companies to earn well. They wanted me to do an MBA program like many others for my neighbour too had done and all are earning well in their life.

    I was riding in two boats, on one side I had my dreams and on the other side, I could not have made my parents dishearten too. One lucky day, I came across the one career guidance workshop organized by the United Nation at Guwahati on healthcare and its benefits. I went there to attend this seminar, and frankly speaking, this seminar solved my entire dilemma. I got an answer in the form of pursuing an MBA in healthcare. At the seminar, many foreign delegates had presented their presentation, which culminated to one point, that coming next decade (2019-2029) will be purely for healthcare specialists or managers and the maximum number of job vacancies will come in this field only.

    This answer to pursuing an MBA in healthcare was perfect to make a balance in between my parents and my dream. I searched for many institutions and finally, I zeroed down Asia Pacific Institute of Management because of a couple of reasons. Firstly this Institute awards AIU approved MBA program, and secondly the perfect location of this institute, New Delhi. AIU approval gives a degree that is valid both in and outside India, and its location makes it a perfect blend of getting a good exposure of metro life and top-quality placement records.


    Currently, I am in the second year of this course, and I have got selected for two months of Internship at the Voluntary Health Association of Assam (VHAA), and they have also offered me a job after completion of the program with a good salary and a chance to for my native, Kokrajhar. Under this VHAA project, I even got an opportunity to be a part of the IPAS Development Foundation training program for health workers providing them a seminar on Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

    Now I am living in contentment as I would be the one person who can fulfill all of his dreams, otherwise many persons have to sacrifice their dream. I feel lucky to attend that seminar of UN on healthcare, otherwise, I could not have achieved these all in my lifetime.

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