• How destiny pulled me towards itself to make my career in healthcare industry

    • September 9, 2019
    • Posted By : Arvind Kumar
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    • Some background of my life
      When I was in the tenth standard, like any child, I too was naughty and sensitive by nature. I was not serious about my studies, although I had a sharp mind, as all of my family members were regularly discussing among themselves. They were telling me if you will start using your mind then surely you will get admission in IIT’s or could clear the medical entrance exam. My parents were always teasing me for my studies and regularly comparing me with some of my friends who were seriously preparing for the entrance examination.
      After my 12th some of my friends got admission to IIT and some got in NIT. I took admission B.A. in history, as I had some dreams to prepare for civil services examination and to work for the society.
    • After my graduation
      My friends who had worked very hard to get into IITs, they all got good placement offer and had started earning in top tier companies, and they all will reach a salary of 30-35 lakhs per annum by the time they reach their 30’s. On the other hand, my story had lots of ups and down yet to come. After my graduation, I came to Delhi to prepare for the civil services examination, but destiny had planned some other work for me. In Delhi once after my coaching classes at night I was walking towards my room, then suddenly I saw a massive car accident. I ran towards it to help the riders, no one was nearby. I saw one man in the car, he was a little conscious and badly injured. I pulled him out of the car and saw in his ID, I was amazed to know he was an IAS officer posted in some ministry. Without wasting any time I booked one auto and rushed towards hospital.
    • Changing of my destiny in the hospital
      I reached the hospital with him, doctors rushed him to an emergency ward. After a while, I saw doctors were having a long chat among themselves and nurses were also present. I had already called to the IAS’s family member, they had already started. I walked to the doctors’ team to inquire about what’s the matter, they said- we have a crunch of some machine and blood packets, so I said what is the big deal, you just make a call and arrange them all, you are doctor and regulator of this hospital. They said I think you are not aware of this healthcare or hospital industry then. They said we are just boss inside the operation theatre, rest overall operations, administration and everything are done by administrative managers, without their assent, none of the administrative work will function.
      Suddenly one person came in the middle of the night, and he dialled a couple of mobile numbers, and everything was arranged within a second.
      This created a curiosity in my mind, and I asked him about his designation and how you got this post?
      He said I am a healthcare specialist manager and I did an MBA in healthcare. I see all the administrative work of the hospital and the concerns of everyone. He would be in his early 30’s and his salary was roughly around 35-38 lakhs per annum, almost similar to the IIT friends when they will reach his age.
      Now family members of that IAS had arrived, they thanked me and dropped me to my room.
    • Turning point of my life
      A couple of weeks later I went to the hospital on getting a call from the same IAS officer, who would have started doing good and would have wanted to meet me personally. When I entered the hospital, to my amaze both IAS officer and the administrative manager were sitting together and were laughing and cracking jokes. IAS officer thanked me and asked about my life. I said I am preparing for the civil services examination. He said its good but the charm of being an IAS has lost these days, aren’t you aware of recent news in just one month four to five IAS officer have resigned from their post. See how much respect these doctors get, they are the real public servants. Then that manager said if your age for MBBS is over then be healthcare specialists, which is currently a key career prospects and not any lesser to doctors’ work. IAS too said yes doctors and healthcare specialist enjoy a good work-life balance, they get good respect in the society and they live a very peaceful life, without any political pressure, as we get. We work like a puppet of the government of the day, minister and legislators.  He said down the line in life, no one will care how much powerful post you got, but only how much the cherished moment you enjoyed with your family.
      This changed the orientation of my life and I decided to make my career in healthcare like that manager. I asked him for guidance, he said just pursue MBA in healthcare and live life like a king size. There are flood like vacancies in the healthcare sector.
    • My current life
      After that incidence, I sat for CAT examination and enrolled for an MBA in healthcare management colleges in india from the Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi. The best part of AIM’s MBA degree is, they run AIU approved MBA in healthcare and getting AIU approved degree makes it valid globally, in or outside India. Today in my early 30’s I am working at J&J head office in New Jersey and drawing a salary more than my IITian friends. My parents and all my family members are happy and now I feel that Students must not just prepare what their friends are preparing, they must make their way, just analyze the current trend of the economy and go for it.

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