• How I met my childhood friend in Russia after a long gap of 12 years while pursuing MBA in healthcare from RUDN University, Moscow.

    When I was a kid, my family was staying in the government quarter of Delhi cantonment area. My father was working in the ministry of external affairs and his office was in the south block. In Delhi Cantt. I had many friends but my best friend was Shaurya, who was my classmate from the same school, D.P.S. RK PURAM. In school, we both had shared many unforgettable moments that are still fresh in my mind. He was a studious and sharp-minded student while I was an average student; I was taking help of him to complete my homework and to clear my concepts of all subjects. This togetherness came to the end after our 10th class, when my father was promoted to the official rank as an Indian foreign officer and he was to report at the Russian embassy in Moscow. This was both the good as well as bad news for me, good in the sense that my family was now shifting to Russia, and bad as I would miss India and my best friend, Shaurya.
    In the month of June after my result of class 10th, we shifted to Russia, and there I took admission in school for my further studies. In Moscow, I made many friends but the emotion which I had developed for Shaurya was surreal and no one could take place of him.

    Time moved on at its pace, and I too got busy with my studies, and guess what, now I had started taking my studies seriously. At Russia Shaurya’s whereabouts not known to me, as our communication got cut off and I was not much active on social media like WhatsApp or Facebook to talk.
    I cleared my college days and graduated from a good college in Russia, and I was hoping the same for Shaurya in India. After my graduation in Russia, I started looking for the post-graduation program and in Russia, there were many big giant multinational companies in the healthcare sector which were recruiting healthcare specialist at a high salary. So I decided to pursue an MBA In healthcare and I opted 56 years Old Russian government University RUDN University in Moscow. RUDN University is one of the best universities for the healthcare program.

    When I took admission to RUDN University at 26 years of age, it was not almost 11 years for me to move out of India. Sometimes I was feeling nostalgic about my Indian days of Delhi Cantt and my cherished moments with Shaurya.

    During my admission at RUDN University, I got to know that it is making collaboration with the Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. This college had a good name, when we were residing in Delhi as many seniors from our locality had taken admission to this prestigious institute and got placed in good companies.

    This new collaboration gave me happiness and I was praying to God, please makes my friend Shaurya also to take admission, but I was aware that he had the dream to become pilot or aerospace engineering. I just prayed wherever he would be, Please God bless him.

    After completion of my first year in an MBA in healthcare, I got paid summer internship in one company in st. Petersburg. In our final year we were excited to meet entire batch from AIM, as they were scheduled to come for complete last fourth semester and will stay till the convocation of degree of entire batch. We were excited as we will get new friends. I was extra happy as I will get a chance to interact with Indians after a long time.

    I still remember that day of December when entire batch from India had arrived and they were introduced to us by their name. One by one students were called by their name and suddenly one name made me jump off my seat, it was Sharuya. I did not believe on my ears, I asked my Russian friend, could you please recall the name which just now announced. He said they announced Shaurya. It was unbelievable to me, he was the same Shaurya.  I ran towards him and hugged him and asked about his dreams of becoming a pilot.

    He said currently air services are going through its rough phase, you might have heard about Kingfisher, jet airways news. So after completion of my graduation in aviation, I decided to shift my career in the booming industry of the current time. I figured out it as healthcare, and I heard about the collaboration of AIM with RUDN University, Moscow, and without any double thought, I sat for CAT examination and took admission in this management college.  Shaurya said, do you know this program of MBA in healthcare is one the most sought after program in India and best part of this program is its good starting salary offered by companies.

    I said the best part for you would be that this program is even AIU approved, which is for the first time in India that any private institute got this approval for the MBA program in Healthcare. You would be eligible for a job in any part of the world, and at the same time, this degree will be valid for even getting government jobs in India.
    I was on my cloud nine to get back my school friend after 12 years of gap and that to in one foreign country. It was unbelievable to me. I took him to my home in Russian. My parents too were shocked to meet Shaurya in Russia.

    Now we both have got a job in a big multinational, he got an offer from J&J and I got an offer from the Ranbaxy of the Russian unit.

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