• How MBA in Healthcare can open a world of opportunities?

    Healthcare sector has ample job opportunities owing to the ever-growing population of the country that needs these facilities. In the past, getting employed by a healthcare organisation meant gaining clinical experience. Now, with more organisations aiming to manage costs and sustain legislation changes, there is a rising demand for good managers in the healthcare industry. A Master in Business Management (MBA) in Healthcare is the key for an individual to make it to the top healthcare organisation as a manager. This course is designed to prepare students to oversee services and operations in healthcare facilities. MBA students pursuing this course delve into the principles of business, finance, marketing, and management related to the healthcare system.

    Advantages of Pursuing MBA in Healthcare

    Students who are keen on pursuing a career in health services will gain several significant benefits by enhancing their education with an MBA in Healthcare management colleges. Hospitals, clinics and other types of facilities function much like traditional businesses; therefore, knowledge and skills transfer seamlessly between them. This academic path prepares students for an exciting career and facilitates them in growing on a professional as well as personal level. 

    Skills Required for MBA in Healthcare

    • Adaptability
    • Advanced Communications Skills
    • Critical Thinking
    • Ethical judgment
    • Financial Skills
    • Industry knowledge
    • Quick Thinking
    • Relationship Building
    • Team Leadership Skill

    Syllabus for MBA in Healthcare

    The course syllabus is categorised into theory, case studies, projects, practical, and seminars covered in four semesters. The curriculum for the first year is general to all streams, with the specialisation subjects being covered in depth from the second year. The syllabus for the course is as follows.

    Semester ISemester III
    Fundamentals of CommunicationCustomer-Centric Organisation
    Principals of ManagementEssentials of Healthcare Administration
    Human Resource ManagementHospital Operation
    Financial AccountingPlanning and Designing of Healthcare Facilities
    Marketing ManagementQuality Management in Hospitals and Healthcare
    Managerial EconomicsProjects/Seminars/Case Studies

    Semester IISemester IV
    Quantitative TechniquesHR in Hospitals
    Strategic ManagementLegal Aspects of Healthcare
    Innovation ManagementMaterial Management and Equipment Management
    Cost AccountingProjects/Seminars/Case Studies
    Projects/Seminars/Case Studies

    Career Prospectsafter MBA in Healthcare

    MBA in Healthcare prepares the students to exhibit their leadership and innovative skills in the healthcare industry. Students who have completed their MBA in Healthcare successfully have plenty of career opportunities to choose from. They are offered placement in sectors comprising hospitals, medical equipment, diagnostics, insurance, consultancy, IT, pharmaceuticals, clinical research laboratories, and public health. Major profiles offered in the sector are operations, marketing, business analyst, product development, sales, consultants, and administration.  Some of the job roles after completing MBA in Healthcare are

    • Healthcare CFO
    • Hospital CEO
    • Medical Practice Manager
    • Healthcare Information Manager
    • Hospital Administrator
    • Claims Manager
    • Operations Manager

    Many business schools offer MBA in Healthcare, amongst them, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is one of the top business schools in India. Their approach to pedagogy intermixes case studies, fieldwork, and feedback with a strong emphasis on theory and concepts. The strong pillars of AIM are its world-class infrastructure, highly-experienced faculty, exemplary students, and visiting faculty members from the corporate and industry. The goal is to encourage open minds and intellectual curiosity to the adventure of ideas. AIM’s vision is to maintain a tradition of excellence, nurture young talented people and make them world-class managers

    With the growth of healthcare, the demand for experienced and qualified hospital managers/administrators has increased considerably. The healthcare sector is thriving at a faster rate with more focus on health insurance. Moreover, with the rise in medical tourism, the number of patients from all over the globe has significantly increased. This has increased the demand for medical services, which creates diverse opportunities for aspirants intending to pursue MBA in Healthcare.

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