• What are the job opportunities in healthcare and hospital management?

    • May 18, 2018
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    • Healthcare management graduate program MBA in Healthcare Management

    Well, looks like healthcare is something that excites you as a career option; the good news is that you are on the right track. Healthcare is indeed one of the fastest growing industries in India.

    The best part is that a full-time healthcare management graduate program improves your chances to getting into this industry which offers very good salaries and sophisticated work environments. A recent research conducted by Ernst and Young in association with KPMG, suggested that 1 lakh medical beds need to be added in the next 25 years. The statistics look really promising, isn’t it? So, you can gauge the growth potential this industry holds!

    And, as you would agree that hospitals and clinics are no longer just about doctors anymore, there is a lot of administrative aspect that has emerged over the years.  As a medical administrator, you would be required to play multiple roles which include public relations, streamlining operations, human resource management, planning, marketing, providing IT support, etc. Of course, you would play the key role in checking the healthcare services are functioning at its best and the best effective healthcare services are delivered at all times.

    After completing a healthcare management graduate program from a reputed MBA school in Delhi NCR or from anywhere in India helps you get placement with multi-speciality hospitals, life science institutions, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, wellness centres, etc. There is immense potential which is still untapped in this industry and a lot of good skilled administrative workforce is needed to help this industry grow. Opportunities after successfully completing a course in healthcare management or administration:

    • Administrators in leading healthcare chains: A healthcare management degree opens up a world of possibilities for a candidate to work as an administrator in big hospitals or outpatient clinics. You play a critical role in streamlining the medical procedures and ensuring the best quality services are delivered. You would be the key person in hiring doctors, drafting budgets, framing policies, promoting new medical services, etc. You also need to ensure that the hospital is working with the norms laid by the government.
    • Hospital CEO: Big hospitals like Fortis, Max, WHO, IMS health, Omega Healthcare segment, Leelavati hospital, etc. hire the candidates with a management degree in healthcare and a few years of experience as CEO’s.

    As CEO, you will take care of some of the most pressing  issues of a hospital like patient’s safety, smooth functioning of hospital, Quality Assurance, Regulations and policies framework and implementation, promoting patient satisfaction, maintaining healthy work environment in the hospitals, maintaining cordial work relations with board of directors, doctors, and investors, etc. The pay package is also very good with 10 to 20 lakhs of annual pay.

    • Medical Manager: Medical managers are responsible for scheduling, budgeting and updating the staff with any changes brought in the system. They also take care of the administrative role at smaller level. They are usually hired by international chains of hospitals to ensure smooth functioning of hospitals.


    • Information Manager: Information managers take care of the information flow in the hospital at technical level. The software and hardware functioning is supervised and checked by an information manager. In this role, you would also be ensuring that all the relevant and needed technical support is provided to the institutions at all levels.


    • Chief Financial officers: As CFO, your job will be to manage the finances of the organization. You will have to manage all the financial risks of the company such as Budget allocation, resource management, budgetary control, etc. You will be reporting the exact financial health of the hospital to the directors and other board members.


    • HR Manager: a healthcare management graduate program also prepares you for human resource management. Hiring nurses, doctors, administrators, technicians, dealing with lawsuits under consumer forum, hiring support from government and sponsors, etc. will be your key responsibilities as HR manager. You would also be checking the regular cash inflow and outflow, firing and grievance handling, performance review, etc.


    So, these are a few of the career opportunities that one can opt for after finishing up an MBA in healthcare management. Candidates, however, must do their healthcare study from a reputed institute like Asia-Pacific Healthcare Management and RUDN University.


    For more information on our international MBA course from RUDN university, or admission enquires, drop us an email at admissions@asiapacifichealthcaremanagement.org, or call us at +91 88003 65959.

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