• MBA Degree in Healthcare with AIU approval and its importance

    This article is based on the question and answer round of one career guidance workshop held in New Delhi, where many top delegates of multinational companies have addressed the group of students, employees, house-wife, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was organized by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) to spread the awareness of the importance of an MBA degree with AIU approval among public who are generally oblivion of it.

    Q1- What do you think sir, whether a simple graduate from an average college could get a decent job in big multinational companies?

    Ans- Now a days with just a graduate degree if you are dreaming to get a lucrative job in big multinational companies, with a good promotional aspect, then anyone may say, you are daydreaming or wasting your time. The answer to the question of how to get a lucrative job in fortune 500 companies is by “upgrading your resume” with an MBA degree. With graduation, you will get a mediocre job only, unless you are gifted with some exceptional talents or skills.

    Q2- Hmm… Yes, we admit, now everything has changed and graduation is a new intermediate and post-graduation has become the new graduation to get a decent job. Sir, could you please elaborate more on which particular stream of MBA one should pursue?

    Ans- It’s really nice everyone here has admitted that time has changed, and with this change in time, the working sphere too has got affected. As we know the first two decades of this 21st century were dominated by the information and technology, IT sector, but coming next two decades of this century i.e. from 2019-2040, will be dominated by healthcare industries. So pursuing MBA in healthcare instead of other streams like marketing, human resource, international business would be a wise decision. This might sound a little odd, but this is the truth of the current time.

    Q3- How can you be so much sure about the MBA in healthcare future?
    Ans- Hehehe…. Surety comes with facts, and facts tell you the truth. Not going too much deep into the subject I will briefly present couple of statistics of some international bodies.

    • As per all international bodies like world bank, United nations, WHO, Amnesty international and more, all have predicted, the healthcare will get a decent growth of 18-20 % in this coming decade (2019-2029)
    • As per current Indian government, ministry of finance has put a substantially big share of 3% share of GDP to healthcare industries, which counts approx 3268 crores.
    • Government of India’s couple of flagship programs like Aayushman bharat, swacchh bharat program, and more have made a high possibility for intake of many employees in govt run healthcare sectors.
    • As per BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there will be high growth of jobs in healthcare sector in the coming days.
    • As per the recent statistics of World Bank, there have been substantial increases of world’s GDP share in the healthcare sector from 8.5 percent of 2000 to 12.2 percent of 2019.

    So without any doubt making a career in the healthcare industry will be a very wise decision. And this sector is not only limited to the medical line students but is open for all graduates.


    Q4- Sir, what is the relevance of getting MBA in healthcare with AIU approval. Does it make any changes or it is just an approval without any benefits?

    Ans- See as our topic got started with how the change in the time has brought many changes in real life and even in the work culture. So there is one more change which has taken place, which is related to globalization and expanding business dimension days after days. Now everyone wants the resume which would appeal even to the global recruiters and AIU approval is the answer to this query. If any autonomous institute is running an MBA program in collaboration with any foreign Universities, then AIU approval to that degree will be a  panacea to all of the students’ misery.

    AIU approved MBA degree comes with four benefits

    1) It makes your degree valid both inside and outside India, otherwise foreign recruiters generally do not recruit employees from any average colleges of India.

    2) It makes you even eligible for the Indian government jobs.

    3) It will help you in further pursuing higher education or in the research works.

    4) you will get job offers not only in India but also from foreign countries like the USA, UK.


    Q5- Sir, Why should we prefer to have degree from any institute with foreign University collaborations, is there any advantage of that too?
    Ans- Yes, there are many advantages, and some among those are

    1)you will get a prominent exposure of foreign countries and their work culture, as in this collaborated program full last semester and final degree convocation takes place in that country.

    2) You will get a great chance to learn foreign languages also, which will enhance you and your resume among the Indian recruiters, who want some representative onsite who could easily understand the concerns of the foreign clients in their language.

    Recently Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) got this AIU approval for its MBA in healthcare, which would be the first time in India when any private autonomous college with top-ranking has got this distinguished feature in its cap. AIM has got collaboration with top Russian University, RUDN University, Moscow, and even AIM has proved its mettle in management studies of producing quality management students since 1996 and next year it will celebrate its silver jubilee.


    So now we would wind up our session. We hope you all got some insights of the healthcare and in which direction does the wind of career is blowing.

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