AIU Approved MBA In Healthcare-1St Time In India


Vice Director, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN UNIVERSITY University)

Healthcare is an industry of the world economy whose significance is hard to overestimate. It develops very rapidly in the modern world and this creates new opportunities for organizing own business or taking part in international projects. Our goal is to train people who will enter the process and make our University’s moto, which says Uniting people of different cultures by knowledge, RUDN University creates leaders who make the world better, come true. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia jointly with Asia- Pacific Institute of Management would like to present the master’s programme in business administration “MBA: Management in Healthcare”. It is oriented to the students who have basic higher education. In addition to studying health management, business strategies, financial disciplines and information systems students will gain a direct work experience in various healthcare companies. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia offers advanced educational programmes in healthcare and an opportunity to gain practical work experience in a medical institution at the RUDN University’s Institute of Medicine i.e. Centre for Simulation Training of the Institute of Medicine and RUDN University Healthcare Centre. The university academic staff, who have a lot of practical experience in healthcare and research activities, are ready to fully support you in acquiring necessary knowledge and skills. The University is situated in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, which also facilitates access to necessary information and infrastructure and creates a favourable atmosphere for studying. Taking part in practical projects in healthcare will help you acquire experience for your further work in this area. Owing to our contacts in the international education community developed over the years and active interaction with our international graduates RUDN University provides an opportunity to be employed in different countries of the world where you will be able to successfully build your career in healthcare. Once you tie your life to RUDN University you’ll never feel sorry about it. Discover the world in our University!