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    • September 1, 2018
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    • Healthcare administration MBA in Healthcare Management

    In today’s scenario healthcare has become one of the vital factors that drive a country’s growth and development. And when it’s about healthcare, one cannot help but get to hear a lot about the enormous changes that have crept in the profiles of healthcare professionals, particularly healthcare managers and healthcare administrators. However, numerous colleges and universities use these two terms interchangeably to refer to their degree programs. While both the terms share similar characteristics but they are slightly different in significant ways in terms of their operations. Healthcare managers and Healthcare administrators, in fact, receive different training and completely different educational requirements.

    The major difference between healthcare management and healthcare administration is that management runs the healthcare organization and administration handles the staffing.

    While healthcare administrators and healthcare managers do share similar responsibilities, they do perform different tasks.

    When you will get enrolled with the program like MBA in healthcare management, you will get to know about disciplines such as policy, accounting and facilities management. Being a healthcare manager in our nation’s healthcare system you will be totally concerned with the overall operation of the medical facility from policy making to human resources department management and rest leaves the day to day management of staff to the Healthcare administrator.

    Healthcare management involves broader role within a medical facility. Healthcare manager may act in a similar capacity to a corporation’s HR representative. Healthcare managers deal with daily operations such as budgeting, patient care, organizational issues and general business issues. They find ways of better management of the hospital structure or provide a plan of action in times of crisis.

    Depending on the type and size of the healthcare system, healthcare administration may involve a number of teams working in unity to manage the system at each and every level. It may involve overseeing the management of entire healthcare system, specific facilities, such as physician’s practices, hospitals, and home health agencies. It also includes specific departments or units, including critical care units and cardiac units.

    Healthcare administration also includes specific clinical areas, such as nursing, physical therapy, and even cardiology.

    The primary roles played by healthcare professionals which falls under the domain of Healthcare management or Healthcare administration include, human resources management, financial management, strategic planning, marketing, data collection and analysis, maintenance of social order of healthcare organizations, cost accounting etc.

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