• ‘Tis the best time to take up an MBA programme in healthcare

    The Government of India has announced its plans to set-up 1.5 lakhs new wellness centers in the country. Plus, it also seeks to establish 24 new medical colleges and hospitals in its bid to take healthcare closer to people in India. Over 10 crore vulnerable families will also get health protection of up to 5 lakh rupees per family. The scheme is said to be world’s largest government funded healthcare programme. Now basis the announcements made in India’s budget 2018, one can safely assume that healthcare industry in the country will see a lot of growth in the years to come.

    It’s obvious that the wellness centers as well as hospitals and colleges will need skilled people to set-up and run these healthcare units. As of now, the country doesn’t really seem to be have an adequate supply of skilled manpower that understands healthcare and the technology that’s driving the future of healthcare in India and across the world. This acute shortage of skilled manpower creates a world of opportunities for fresh graduates as well as healthcare professionals who want to take their careers a notch level higher. Taking up an international MBA in Healthcare could possibly be the best thing you can do to enter the healthcare industry or to get eligible for senior managerial and leadership roles and responsibilities in healthcare.

    Very recently, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management and RUDN University, Russia, have jointly introduced a 2-year full time MBA programme in Healthcare Management. The post graduation course in healthcare has been designed to fill the gaps that the traditional MBA healthcare programmes have failed to address. To get to know about the programme in detail, pls visit this link – share link of the programme page.
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