• Experience of a student how an MBA in Healthcare program changed his life.

    My past background

    • I was graduated when recession was going on in India and the unemployment rate was very high. I didn’t get any placement through my college campus, although I took admission in one of the best govt run engineering college in southern India. I took admission in Electrical engineering and everyone said you are taking admission evergreen branch and your life is set now.

    My struggle to get a job

    • With just a graduation degree, even if it was a professional degree, it took me long to find a decent job. I was electrical engineering graduate and somehow I got a job in a software company.
      After working there for five years I came to realize that from there my further growth would be minimal.

    My analysis about what to do further and why

    • After investing my precious five years in the software company, I was getting little fed off from the job. I wanted growth, good salary and some excitement from the job, where every day I would get real time challenges.
      So I analyzed a lot in this, there were a couple of options in front of me, GRE, MBA, GATE, GMAT or to prepare for govt jobs.
    • I completely discarded govt jobs, as I wanted a substantial growth in the career as well as in my salary, which would not be possible in govt job. GRE would be good but its tuition fee is too high and I didn’t want to live under the burden of loan. GATE could also be a better option but for me who had read electrical engg five years ago, it would be a very hard task for me to prepare it again. GMAT was also negated because of its fee structure.
    • Now I was left with only one option, MBA in India. But as every level has its dragon, so now the new dragon was of choosing the subject for MBA. There were many options like, International business, Human resource, marketing, and more. Any guesses which branch I would have finalised, I chose MBA in healthcare management in India. I had done solid analysis and I will share all those points.

    Why I chose MBA in healthcare

    • As per all international bodies like world bank, United nations, WHO, Amnesty international and more, all have predicted, the healthcare will get a decent growth of 18-20 % in this coming decade (2019-2029)
    • As per current Indian government, ministry of finance has put a substantially big share of 3% share of GDP to healthcare industries, which counts approx 3268 lakh crores.
    • Government of India’s couple of flagship programs like Aayushman bharat, swacchh bharat program, and more have made a high possibility for intake of many employees in govt run healthcare sectors.
    • AS per BLS, there will be high growth of jobs in healthcare sector in the coming days.

    Which college I chose and why

    • I chose Asia Pacific Institute of management( AIM), New Delhi. It runs the MBA in healthcare in collaboration with a Russian prestigious govt RUDN University, Moscow
    • MBA in healthcare is AIU approved which opens the gate for higher studies and makes us eligible for govt jobs.
    • It is for first time in India the AIM has run MBA in healthcare with AIU approval. Which comes with many benefits as highlighted above.
    • Last but not least AIU approval has one more benefit that the degree will be legal at both inside and outside India.


    Written By- Arvind Kumar Choudhary
    A voracious reader and a passionate writer)

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